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Major cases Beer advocaten

Please find below some of the personal injury and wrongful death cases handled by Beer advocaten:

Attack in tram in Utrecht

Amsterdam Central Station attack

Loosdrecht street race

Shooting in Alphen aan den Rijn

Injectable dermal filler Hyacorp

Probo Koala toxic disaster

Air craft disasters (MH17, Tripoli, Turkish Airlines at Schiphol Airport, Phuket, Faro, Bijlmer)

Damages for nervous shock Bauke Vaatstra

Crash with monster truck in Haaksbergen

Gas explosion in Diemen

Pandemrix vaccine against swine flu

Vioxx (harmful drug)

Gas explosion on house boat in Amsterdam

Train accident in Amsterdam

Laser eye surgery malpractice Kloes Eye Clinic

Baby Jelmer (medical liability)

Fire in holding cells at Schiphol Airport

Professional football player Niels Kokmeijer

Arbitration Royal Netherlands Football Association KNVB

New Year’s Eve fire in Volendam café

Firework factory explosion in Enschede

Outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease at flower exhibition

Björk Shiley heart valve affair

Harmful silicone breast prostheses

Litigation over RSI of croupiers

Taxibus ruling