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Beer advocaten is a prominent law firm focusing on liability law, personal injury and wrongful death. Providing a specialized form of legal assistance at the highest possible level, we make certain that victims get what they are entitled to and are reimbursed for both the material and immaterial damage (‘non-economic damages) they have sustained.

John Beer has been practising law since 1977. In the eighties specialised personal injury lawyers worked primarily for insurers. It is our firm’s aim to make such specialised legal assistance available to the other party in personal injury and wrongful death cases: the victims. For instance, we represent victims (or their surviving relatives) of road accidents, air crashes, occupational diseases, workplace accidents and medical errors.

Integrity is everything. To avoid any conflict of interests, we have made a deliberate choice to only represent victims.

In our area of law victims face a host of problems. Short-term and long-term problems they did not ask for. The founding principle of our firm has remained the same: we are unconditionally committed to representing victims.