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At Beer advocaten we believe in quality through specialisation. Our expertise lies in liability law and personal injury. As we focus on those areas completely, we can guarantee services of the highest quality. Our lawyers are members of the relevant professional associations and always keep their knowledge up to date. Consultations between colleagues are an integral part of how we work. We place great value on the continuous professional education of our lawyers. 

To provide the best possible service to our clients in international cases our lawyers have access to any of the organisations in our substantial international network

Until January 2017 our firm was a member of Stichting Keurmerk Letselschade (SKL), which on 1 January was incorporated into De Letselschade Raad. We are not happy with this merger, as this is an organisation in which insurers play a major part. For this reason we feel that our firm cannot be associated with De Letselschade Raad. One of our core values is our independence, which in our opinion is a prerequisite for our unconditional efforts for personal injury victims. We do not want De Letselschade Raad to have any control over how we work and the quality of the legal assistance we provide, and wish to avoid any semblance of such control. This is why we have made the decision not to form part of the new ‘Personal Injury Register’.