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Asbestos diseases

In the decades after World War II construction, industry and shipping yards used asbestos on a large scale in the Netherlands. Known for its fire-resistant properties, this material posed a health hazard to many hundreds of thousands of people. Every year more than 500 people exposed to asbestos die from asbestos diseases.

Asbestos diseases are often occupational diseases contracted in employment. Employers, therefore, may be liable for the personal injury or death caused by the use of asbestos. Another possible source are residential environments. In those cases manufacturers may be liable.

For over fifteen years Beer advocaten has been counselling asbestos victims and their surviving relatives. We know what it means to lose loved ones to mesothelioma, lung cancer or asbestosis. It is important for victims that the liable parties, such as (former) employers, take their responsibility and pay appropriate compensation. Not just to recompense the financial consequences but also to recognise the grief of surviving relatives or the damage sustained by victims.