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Government liability

Acts by the state, local authorities, regulators or other government agencies may cause personal injury or death. If such personal injury or death is the result of negligence by the government, the government will be liable. Negligent acts could also include omissions: the failure to enforce safety regulations or to exercise supervision.

Government liability is subject to different rules than the liability of ‘ordinary’ companies or private individuals. This makes government liability a complex area of law, which is constantly evolving. Beer advocaten has advised numerous clients on government liability.

Beer advocaten currently represents victims of the accident with a monster truck in Haaksbergen, as well as victims of a shooting in Alphen aan den Rijn. In the past our firm counselled victims of the firework factory explosion in Enschede, the outbreak of legionnaire’s disease at the Westfriese Flora flower exhibition and the New Year's   Eve fire in Volendam, as well as victims of a fire in holding cells at Schiphol airport.