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Medical disciplinary law

Anyone who has sustained damage caused by personal injury (or death) due to the actions of medical professionals may file a complaint with the Medical Disciplinary Tribunal. Such complaints may be filed against professionals holding a BIG registration, such as doctors, dentists, psychologists affiliated with the Dutch Mental Healthcare Association (GGZ), psychotherapists, obstetricians and nurses. The Tribunal consists of fellow-professionals of the subject of the complaint. This means that a complaint about a manual therapist is considered by a tribunal made up of other manual therapists.

Please be aware that the Medical Disciplinary Tribunal does not decide on any damages. The Tribunal can issue a caution or reprimand, or impose a fine. Professionals may also be barred temporarily or permanently from practicing their profession.

Negligence by health professionals can have drastic consequences. Beer advocaten knows how important it is for clients that such professionals are held accountable. This is one of the areas in which we cooperate closely with our in-house team of medical advisors.