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Product liability

The use of defective products can cause personal injury of death. Several parties can be held liable, including the manufacturer of the defective product.

It is up to the injured party to demonstrate the loss, the defect and the causal connection between the defect in the product and the personal injury (or loss resulting from death). Products are defective if they are not as safe as buyers have a right to expect.

It is important to know that the time limit for claims based on defective products is three years. Those claims are furthermore subject to a ten-year statute of repose. This means that ten years after the manufacturer has placed the product on the market (or rather: sold), claims regarding defective products will lapse. In that case the only option remaining is a claim based on unlawful act. Such claims are subject to a time limit of five years, but no statute of repose applies. Time limits can be interrupted, after which a new term starts, but statutes of repose cannot.

Product liability cases often have an international character. Where necessary, we work together with foreign law firms to litigate in the country where the liable party is located.


Beer advocaten currently represents children and young adults (and their parents or caregivers) who following vaccination against the swine flu (Pandemrix) have developed narcolepsy.