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Road accidents

Road accidents account for many personal injuries and deaths. Anyone breaking traffic regulations and causing an accident as a result is liable for the resulting loss and damage. That liability will lapse only if there is a valid justification for the conduct such as force majeure or police directions.

It is possible also that although he or she has not broken any rules the person causing the accident is still liable. Drivers of motorised vehicles are in principle liable for the damage caused after colliding with cyclists, pedestrians or other non-motorised road users.

Determining liability in traffic accidents is a complex matter that calls for a weighing of many factors. Examples are recklessness or wilful intent on the part of the road users, or force majeure. The age of the victims can play a major role. In traffic accidents involving young children liability is more easily assumed. Beer advocaten has ample expertise with personal injury (or wrongful death) from road accidents.