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Sports litigation

An entirely different set of rules apply in sports. While in football kicking is part of the game, that same kick is unlawful out in the street and may result in liability.

Although in sports and games actions usually do not lead to liability, there are boundaries. Beer advocaten has handled many cases in which those boundaries may have been exceeded.

Beer advocaten has many clients who have sustained personal injury in sports or games. We also have a wealth of experience with proceedings before the arbitration tribunal of the KNVB, the Royal Netherlands Football Association. 

In 2004 Beer advocaten represented Niels Kokmeijer, a Dutch professional football player who following severe leg injuries due to a gross violation had to give up his career. 

Beer advocaten also represents Abdelhak Nouri’s family. Still in a coma, Ajax-player Abdelhak Nouri has been staying in a care institution since his cardiac arrest during a training match in Austria on 8 July 2017.