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About Beer mediation

There is a solution to almost all disputes that is acceptable to all the parties involved. But often those parties are blind to that solution because they are in the middle of a conflict. Our mediators can change that.

Beer mediation’s strength lies in the active involvement of all parties in finding a solution. Under the mediator’s guidance all parties make an effort to end their dispute. The mediator does not take a stand but remains neutral. Practice shows that it is often possible to reach a solution together in the short term. A mediator is not a judge and does not impose a decision, but helps the parties to make their own choices. This usually makes it easier to accept the outcome.

For Beer mediation voluntariness and confidentiality are the guiding principles. We encourage consultations at which not formal positions but the interests of parties are key. Our mediator actively participates in the communication and negotiations between the parties. The mediator lays down the outcome in an enforceable agreement.

For more information about how our mediators work, see ‘general mediation procedure' and click here for the relevant documents of the Dutch Mediators Federation or MfN: code of conductmediation rules and a sample mediation agreement

Please contact our mediation department by telephone or by e-mail at

We have a team of mediators specialised in personal injury. This team consists of Mirella Hartman and August Van, who are registered with the Dutch Mediators Federation.