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Arbitration for Abdelhak Nouri


Amsterdam, 21 January 2021

As most people know, Abdelhak Nouri suffered severe brain injuries during a match in Austria on 8 July 2017. After a heart attack, Abdelhak received incorrect medical treatment on the field. CPR should have been performed immediately. Due to the delayed CPR, he lost all chances of full recovery. 

Employers have a duty of care towards their employees. In professional football, such duty of care includes high-quality medical care. In this case no such quality medical care was given, which makes Ajax liable for the damage caused by the errors made during on-field treatment. As a result, Abdelhak will always be dependent on others, and has been deprived of the opportunity to show how his promising career as a football player would have evolved.

Meanwhile the loss and damage sustained by Abdelhak have been mapped out and the parties have discussed possible compensation. Recently it became known that Abdelhak’s representatives and Ajax failed to reach agreement about a settlement. For this reason, the KNVB’s arbitration committee has been asked to rule on the matter. 

The dispute between the parties relates to the amount of compensation to be paid to Abdelhak Nouri. That compensation concerns primarily the costs of his care, the loss of his earning capacity and compensation for non-material loss in the form of damages for pain and suffering.

The request for arbitration was filed with KNVB today. Ajax is expected to first issue a written response, after which the committee will hear the case.

For information about this press statement, please contact Lucas Hogeling (telephone: +31612475951) or John Beer (telephone: +31653623502) who represent Abdelhak Nouri and his family.