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Preview MH17 trial

On Thursday 17 November 2022 at 13:30, the District Court of The Hague will give its verdict in the MH17 criminal case after a comprehensive and intensive criminal trial. The verdict can be followed live via MH17 trial | District Court of The Hague (

Our office assisted the next of kin in the criminal trial, providing support during the emotional period of exercising their right to speak. Relatives were also assisted by our firm in a claim for damages.

All sessions could be followed live and watched back at: Court days 2022 (

There are four defendants in the criminal trial:

- Igor Vsevolodovich GIRKIN

- Sergey Nikolayevich DUBINSKIY

- Oleg Yuldashevich PULATOV; and,

- Leonid Volodymyrovych KHARCHENKO

For defendant Pulatov a team of criminal lawyers pleaded acquittal.

Over a period of several weeks, about 100 bereaved families testified about the impact of the air disaster on their lives. The bereaved families were also allowed to comment on their views on the crime, the question of guilt and the punishment of the defendants.

In the week of 20 December 2021, during the indictment, the prosecution discussed in detail the events that led to the downing of MH17, the role of the suspects in it, and the substantiation of the charges. The indictment consists of 2 charges:

1. causing the crash of flight MH17, resulting in the death of all its occupants, punishable under Article 168 of the Penal Code;

2. the murder of the 298 occupants of flight MH17, punishable by Article 289 of the Penal Code.

Also on 22 December 2021, the prosecution formulated the sentence: life imprisonment for the four suspects. In doing so, the prosecution addressed the claims submitted - on behalf of the relatives - and adopted them almost in their entirety.

On Thursday 17 November 2022 at 13:30, the District Court of The Hague will pass judgment. The court will recite a summary of the verdict at the hearing, in front of a very large number of next of kin and other attendees. Afterwards, Beer lawyers will issue a press release.

For more information on the MH17 disaster and the involvement of Beer advocaten's aviation team, see here.

See also the interview in Een Vandaag with Arlette Schijns about the claimed damages. Furthermore, read the interview in of April 2021 in which Arlette Schijns discusses the MH17 trial in detail and the double interview with Arlette Schijns and Maarten Kunst in the newsletter of the Dutch-language Association for Psychotrauma.

If you would like more information about Beer advocaten's legal assistance in the MH17 case, please contact Arlette Schijns at +31206732199 or Irene Timmermans at e-mail