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Injectable dermal filler Hyacorp

Manufacturer BioScience GmbH placed the injectable dermal filler Hyacorp (types H1000 and H-S) on the Dutch market through its distributors. These are fillers that are not only applied medically but for cosmetic purposes as well. When injected into the face, these fillers enhance the volume of the injected facial area, tightening the skin. Fillers usually have a temporary effect. To sustain the desired result, patients should undergo regular filler treatments. The chemical composition of the Hyacorp product is such that the result allegedly outlasted that of other fillers, and repeat treatment could be postponed. However, over time it became apparent that it was not possible or very difficult for the body to break down the injected Hyacorp. Thus the fillers displayed traits of permanent fillers that are not at all intended for use in the facial area.

The distribution and application of Hyacorp was discontinued in October 2012, when the manufacturer recalled the product. Still, many users of the Hyacorp products have suffered and still suffer from serious complications following treatment with Hyacorp, including extreme pain, redness, swelling, nodules, chronic inflammations and facial disfigurement. 

In its report published in February 2015 the Dutch Health Inspectorate observed that the monitoring and aftercare of the application of the Hyacorp products in the Netherlands was lacking. Both the manufacturer and the distributors had made errors, while cosmetic surgeons wrongly used the defective product.

Beer advocaten represents a group of Hyacorp victims, helping them recover damages from the parties involved. It is Beer advocaten’s advice to hold the relevant parties liable before the limitation period has expired, because any rights will lapse after that period.

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