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Deadly accident tied to street racing in Loosdrecht

On 16 March 2016 Fleur, a 19-year old girl, sustained lethal injuries in Loosdrecht, when another car ploughed into the side of her car. Witnesses reported that the driver car was racing his son who was driving behind him. Two weeks after the collision, Fleur died from her injuries in the hospital. Arlette Schijns represents Fleur’s mother and sister in the criminal proceedings against the driver and in the recovery proceedings. On 17 November 2017 the criminal court ruled against the drivers, sentencing the father to four years’ imprisonment, with a driving disqualification for five years. The son was sentenced to a community punishment order of 100 hours. He, too, was disqualified from driving. 

Both the Public Prosecution Service and the father and son filed appeal. By interim ruling of 9 August 2018 the Court of Appeal dismissed the investigation request filed by father and son. See (in Dutch). 

The Court heard the content-specific aspects of the appeal on 12 April 2019. The punishment demanded by the Public Prosecution Service on appeal for the father matched that of the Court’s previous sentencing. The punishment demanded for the son was one year imprisonment and a driving disqualification for three years. The Court will rule on 26 April 2019. 

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