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For victims

Our attorneys are higly experienced and driven to support victims and their loved ones. The easiest way to see if we can help you, is by filling out the application form.

Our services are subject to our standard terms and conditions. The client information contains general information about how personal injury cases are handled. Also useful are the guidelines on subsidised legal assistance. Our privacy statement explains how Beer advocaten handles personal data.

Our quality protocol informs clients about what to expect of our services. We believe it’s important to measure client satisfaction and to make improvements, where necessary. That is why we ask every client to answer some questions at once a case has been closed.

Of course we do everything to help our clients as best we can. But if you are not happy about our services, please contact our complaints officer Bojan Dekker at


Beer advocaten charges by the hour. The hourly rates differ per lawyer. We also charge the external costs, if any. Examples are the fees charged by our team of medical advisors. Lawyer fees can be recovered from the liable party, in principle.

As our client you could qualify for subsidised legal assistance (also called legal aid). That means that the authorities pay (part of) your legal fees. The decision lies with the Legal Aid Board (RvR). You qualify if your annual taxable wage is below a specific amount. For 2024 that amount has been set at EUR 31,100 or EUR 44,000, depending on the family situation. You will still have to pay a co-payment, varying from EUR 226 to EUR 952. Some costs will always be for your account, like the costs of requesting medical information and the fees of a medical advisor.

Sometimes legal expenses insurance covers the costs. This type of insurance aims at preventing their insured from facing unexpected legal fees. While some insurers offer limited coverage only, others provide unlimited coverage. The insurer does not decide which lawyer to use. The European Court of Justice has ruled that once proceedings have been started the insured is always free to choose a lawyer. Legal expenses insurers must include a dispute settlement procedure in their policy conditions. The insured can invoke that procedure if they disagree with the insurer about how their case should be handled. It could be that an independent expert must decide on the dispute. Our lawyers frequently act as experts in situations like that.