Beer advocaten


Beer advocaten is most of all a gathering of special people. We do work that matters. Our lawyers know their stuff, and are intrinsically motivated. In our work we have to be practical, persistent and client-oriented. Our team does not simply apply the law. We dedicate ourselves to improving the legal position of victims, step by step, legal provision by legal provision, lawsuit by lawsuit.  

  • John Beer

    Attorney at law
  • Mirella Hartman

    Attorney at law / partner / Mediator
  • Bojan Dekker

    Attorney at law / partner
  • Christa Wijnakker

    Attorney at law / partner
  • August Van

    Attorney at Law / Mediator
  • Arlette Schijns

    Attorney at law
  • Aurélie van Dijk

    Attorney at law
  • Mildred Brun

    Attorney at law
  • Laura-Jean van de Ven

    Attorney at law
  • Irene Timmermans

    Attorney at law
  • Linde Mayer

    attorney at law
  • Lieske de Vos

    paralegal (until readmission to the bar)
  • Morgane Rimar

  • Marjo Bekema

    Secretary / Employee Intake Department
  • Sabine Boeckholtz

    Secretary / Receptionist
  • Wieneke Heijer

  • Yvonne Parthesius

    Secretary / Employee Intake Department
  • Paul Paasschens

    office manager
  • Merlin Codfried

    Management assistent
  • Esther Ransijn

    Financial administrator
  • Myriam de Haan

    credit controller
  • Tamara Hovhannisjan