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Self-employed entrepreneurs

Accidents or medical errors leading to injuries can cause partial or total disability. Employees working under an employment contract can fall back on the statutory regulations for employees during sickness. They will continue to receive their full salary in first instance. Not so self-employed entrepreneurs. Personal injury can cause major problems for them, both financially and practically. They may lose their earning capacity, without having an adequate financial safety net. Also they have to arrange for expert replacement instantly to keep their business running. Some self-employed entrepreneurs have disability insurance to cover their lost earnings. But such insurance only covers their loss of income, not the costs of temporary replacement. Moreover, an excess applies in the first period of disability, which means that the insurer may not start paying until after several months. Other self-employed entrepreneurs cannot pay the premiums, and have no financial safety net. Representing self-employed entrepreneurs who are no longer fit for work is a complex matter, and requires expertise. Not just legal knowhow, but also an understanding of and experience with all problems they face. Beer advocaten has that expertise and puts it to practice to help these entrepreneurs back on their feet.