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Road traffic accidents

Many bodily and fatal injuries happen in road traffic. If you break traffic regulations and cause an accident, you are liable for the resulting loss and damage. That liability lapses only if there are clear grounds justifying your behaviour, like force majeure or police directions. Another possibility is that although not breaking any regulations, the party causing the accident may still be liable for the loss and damage caused. Drivers of a motorised vehicle, for example, are in principle liable for the loss and damage if they hit a cyclist, pedestrian or other non-motorised road user. Determining liability in road traffic accidents can be a complicated matter, in which many factors must be weighed. Did the road users act recklessly or with wilful intent, or is this a case of force majeure? The victim’s age can play an important role, too, in the sense that liability in road traffic accidents involving young children is assumed more readily. Beer advocaten has a great deal of experience with personal injury and fatal injuries due to road traffic accidents.