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Sport-related incidents

In sports, different rules apply. A kick on the football pitch can be lawful, while that same kick in the street is unlawful and may lead to liability even. Case law shows that sports participants should reasonably expect, to some extent, dangerous, uncoordinated, mistimed or ill-considered acts by their fellow participants. In other words: by taking part in a sport or game, you are willing, to some extent, to accept certain risks. This means that acts in sports and games will not as easily give rise to liability as in other situations. Still, there are limits. Beer advocaten has long-standing experience with cases in which it must be decided whether those limits have been exceeded.

Beer advocaten has many clients who have sustained personal injury in sports or games. We also have a wealth of experience with proceedings before the arbitration tribunal of the KNVB, the Royal Netherlands Football Association. 

Beer advocaten represented serveral professional cyclists and football players, including the family of Abdelhak Nouri, the Ajax-player who fell into a comatose state after suffering cardiac arrest during a practice match.