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Injuries sustained by mother or child at birth

At deliveries nurses, midwives, gynaecologists or other specialists can make (medical) errors, which could harm the mother. Examples are infertility, incontinence and neuropathic pains that are difficult to treat. Such errors could affect the baby as well, causing for instance paralysed arms or brain damage due to a lack of oxygen. Some babies become disabled, while others could die even.

Beer advocaten will first advise you on your options for holding the health professional or the hospital involved liable. You can do so only if there is proof that there has been a breach of the duty of care expected of a skilled and reasonably acting professional. As part of our advice we will review and discuss the medical file with our team of medical experts. If we believe the case stands a chance of success, we will hold the health professional or hospital liable, of course only if you agree. If we believe your case is not strong enough, we will explain to you why we advise you to drop the case.

Please be aware that even if the error has been acknowledged, such cases cannot be settled until the victim has become of age. Only then will it be clear to what social security benefits the victim (then of age) will be entitled. Over the past decades benefits have dwindled, which impacts the material loss. Meanwhile the loss sustained will be compensated by means of advances on the compensation. When settling your case, we will also claim immaterial loss (sometimes called ‘non-economic damages’). This means that our firm and you (and your child) will enter into a long-term relationship.

These are complex cases in which you have to get the facts straight, and must be familiar with the biological, physical and medical processes that play a role at delivery. Beer advocaten employs lawyers who have this particular expertise, as well as the required experience and knowhow. You can rely on them.