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Employers’ liability

Poor working conditions or defective equipment can create unsafe working environments. This may cause personal injuries or even death, which can lead to  loss caused by personal injury or damages resulting from death. Employers must take all measures necessary to prevent occupational diseases. If they cannot prove that they have taken all the necessary measures, and have complied with their duty of care, they will be liable for any resulting loss and damage. That duty of care also applies towards subordinates working for them without employment contracts.

Work-related accidents may cause injuries that can be seen or felt immediately but sometimes injuries do not become apparent until later. Examples are the effects of exposure to asbestos or RSI from computer use or other repetitive movements. These are called ‘occupational diseases’, causing insidious damage.

Occupational diseases and work-related accidents often have a great deal of impact, both on the victim’s personal and professional circumstances. Injuries may make it impossible for employees to do their regular jobs or to function in their daily lives. Beer advocaten has many years of experience handling cases related to occupational diseases and work-related accidents.