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Self-employed entrepreneurs

If you sustain injuries in accidents (or due to medical errors) you may become – wholly or partially – incapacitated for work.

If you have an employment contract, you can fall back on the statutory rules for employees during sickness, and your salary will be fully paid. This does not apply to self-employed entrepreneurs. For them, personal injury can have a major impact, both practically and financially. They may lose their income, without having an adequate financial safety net. Then there is the immediate need to find expert replacement to keep their business going.

Some self-employed entrepreneurs have disability insurance to make up for their loss of income. However, this insurance only covers loss of income, not the costs of a temporary replacement. Moreover, usually a deductible applies for the first period of disability. This means that the insurer may not pay until several months have expired.

Other self-employed entrepreneurs simply cannot afford the premiums for disability insurance. They have no financial safety net.

The representation of self-employed entrepreneurs who have become incapacitated for work is complex and calls for an expert approach that requires not only knowledge of the law but also understanding of (and experience with) all problems faced by entrepreneurs who have sustained injuries. Beer advocaten has that knowledge, and uses it to help self-employed entrepreneurs move forward and get back to their business. If that is not or not fully possible, Beer advocaten will realise the highest possible compensation and offer assistance throughout the procedure.