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Cooperation with experts in other areas

Beer advocaten specialises in personal injury and loss resulting from death. Drawing from its wealth of experience, our firm exercises the utmost care in representing victims or their surviving relatives. This means that where necessary Beer advocaten will engage other, non-legal, experts, to offer its clients the best possible representation.

An example is our team of medical advisors. Medical knowledge and expertise are indispensable in cases involving personal injury and loss resulting from death. It is of paramount importance to properly determine loss and personal injury, and to thoroughly investigate the consequences of such loss, both in the short and in the long term. We could not do this without our medical advisors. The firm or our team of medical advisors may call on other – external – medical experts to enhance insight into the injury.

If necessary to determine capabilities and limitations, on the work floor for instance, we can engage occupational consultants. Other experts may include occupational therapists, who can help us identify and list any necessary adjustments, in daily life or at work. If victims are ready to return to their old jobs or, if that proves impossible, start alternative suitable jobs, we may work together with a rehabilitation agency.

We work with experienced specialists when computing the loss, such as the loss of earnings of self-employed entrepreneurs.

For every type of case involving personal injury and loss resulting from death, Beer advocaten can call on an extensive network of top experts.